new the solar silence  boats                                               



Silence Boats produced electric boats located beside the still waters and or rivers, 034 model is ideal for rental to third.
This is the investment of purchasing very quickly back to earn interest and for strong sales in the future.

Electric sail has the advantage that it is environmentally friendly for nature and very quiet for the area. Charing can take place at night so that there can be hazards 8 hours the next day. With a full charge, the duration of 10 hours is sufficient.Your  customers can enjoy nature and environment, both the own driving the boat with four people.

Silence boats makes the boats custom after a contract is closed. You should consider a longer delivery time and therefore now the mounths or year  when you want to have the boats delivered. Silence Boats can deliver and arrange the transportation to any desired country with instalation on site for your own account.

Everything is negotiable in terms of color etc.
There is also the possibility of the boat with sollar with that in the hot countries with lots of Sun very interesting is to increase sales even more by means more hours a day or with two sets boats no elctricity needed by cabel

The boat comes with a app for the solar information and battery status for you to see how many hours the boat will run.

Also in the night there is a option to light the boat with led light in the roof top ( tree collors.)

Do you have any  questions or commerce we will soon as possible take contact back.



Standard model without optional extras, including:

• 1x Charger + 2x Battery 24 Volt 200/240 AH

• Battery meter with hour meter

• Constant speed control two positions (forward / backward).


Adjustable speed only possible with other types of electric motor

• Automatic water pump

• Electric motor 24 Volt. Also available with higher KW for adjustable speed

• Immobilizer with universal key. Also available with unique key

• Charging cable for charging boat (230 volts)

• Color boat as desired (one color). All colors and printing available at extra cost.

• Transportation to any desired country for your own account, can be arranged under supervision

   and installation on site by Silence Boats. Per container you can ship four boats.

* Various options / colors negotiable.